Chips are an oenological method to obtain a quick and efficient aromatic extraction. They contribute during the fermentation or the aging of wine to finely adjust its structure and roundness. They bring out a fruit expression and they help stabilize the color of the wine.


Oenological profile


Fresh Oak Intensification of fruit expression and stabilization of color. Structure, roundness and volume. Freshness, lifted aromas
Light Freshness and sweetness. Structure roundness and volume. Almond, vanilla, honey
Medium Aromatic sophistication and sweetness. Reduce vegetal aromas. Vanilla, toasted, nuts, tofee
Medium plus

Aromatic sophistication and sweetness. Reduce vegetal aromas.

Toasted bread, wood, coffee


Staves bring more complexity to the wine resembling maturation in barrel. It’s a good alternative and is recommended for slow extraction (between 6 and 12 months).

Plusieurs épaisseurs :

  • Thin : 95*5*0,7cm
  • Medium : 95*5*1,4 cm
  • Thick : 90*5*2,2 cm

Different toasts: light, medium, medium plus, strong